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2021 PBM Commercial Formulary Exclusions Are Here to Stay Even With COVID-19

The trend in the approach to formulary management is to become more restrictive every year. This year is an exception, with some industry restrictions loosening in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the formulary development process for 2021 begins, Todd Edgar discusses whether the historical trend will continue or if there will be more efforts to loosen restrictions.

PBM Formulary Predictions: A Look Ahead

Rebate sharing, exclusion lists, and application of QALY measures are all approaches that PBMs are likely to ramp up in 2020, predicts Todd Edgar. Todd examines the impact of new formulary guidelines and makes some predictions on other trends likely in the coming year.

Questions Unanswered in HHS Safe Harbor Proposal

With the release of the HHS safe harbor proposal, more information is available than when only the title was public. Indeed, over the past few weeks, many articles have been published with detailed summaries of the proposal—yet, many questions remain. For All Access, Todd Edgar breaks down some of the most granular issues to consider and asks the question: How prepared is the market for a change of this magnitude?

Removal of Pharmaceutical Rebate Safe Harbor: Rough Waters Ahead?

The current administration is considering removing the safe harbor protection used to prevent drug rebates from being considered a kickback. While the details are still developing, such a move would likely have significant impacts on PBMs, manufacturers, and patients. Todd Edgar explores the possible ramifications.

Solving the Conflicts in Quality-Based Care

Todd Edgar, Senior Vice President, Payer Access Solutions, outlines multistakeholder perspectives of quality-based care and how these can be in conflict. Todd discusses potential solutions to bring views into alignment, with the goal of improving quality-driven care within the system.