Were you able to catch one of Precision for Value’s recent webinars? If not, you can still get expert guidance from Precision thought leaders on demand—just click the link below to view a recorded version of the webinar.

  • “Pull-through Breakthrough: How Your Peers Are Driving Double-Digit Gains”

Led by Promotional Effectiveness’ Bruce Leavitt, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, and Ashwin Athri, Senior Vice President, this webinar features real-world case studies and guides participants through planning and executing more impactful pull-through campaigns. Bruce and Ashwin also share a recent breakthrough in pull-through technology that maximizes underutilized data most pharma companies already possess. Attendees will be presented with specific case studies that drove stunning gains in access over 14% in just 90 days, learn how to extract key messages for HCPs from existing data, and receive tips for increasing the performance and motivation of a field force.

To view the webinar, please click here to view on demand.

  • Upping Your Game With Payers:  Strategic Quality Conversations in a Value-Based Landscape”

Led by Maureen Hennessey, Senior Vice President and Director of Quality and Population Health Solutions, and Dominic Galante, Chief Medical Officer and a member of the Quality and Population Health Solutions Payer Strategy team, this webinar features real-world case studies and guides participants in effectively employing strategic quality to engage with customers. Webinar attendees will learn how the role of strategic quality is defined in value-based reimbursement; understand the relevance of quality to customers; and identify important quality measures, drivers, challenges, and maximization tactics. In addition, Maureen and Dominic share exclusive insights and metrics from Precision’s proprietary Rapid Pulsesurvey, as well as demonstrate successful utilization of strategic quality conversations.

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  • “Defend Your Value: Syncing Evidence and Access Strategies to Prepare for US Value Assessments”

This webinar is led by Larry Blandford, PharmD, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of Precision Xtract, and Ross Maclean, MD, Senior Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs for Precision Xtract and Precision for Value. With a focus on responding to the dramatic rise in value assessment activity in the United States, Larry and Ross share methods to enhance the use of clinical, economic, and humanistic evidence to inform external value assessment activities, with the goal of improving transparency and believability by reimbursement decision makers to optimize market access. Webinar attendees will be guided through preparing for an assessment by ICER and other third parties, recognizing how assessing evidence gaps and subsequent evidence generation can inform value assessment, and leveraging economic evidence activities with pricing and market access work to enhance value development throughout the entire value assessment process.

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