How COVID-19 Is Changing Business for Market Access Organizations Insights from PRECISIONvalue Market Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone in the United States. Doctors, patients, and everyone in between is feeling the effect in some capacity, but what about the healthcare marketplace? Precision’s Jeremy Schafer explores the interesting and troubling results of Precision’s recent research conducted with a cross-section of stakeholders, including health plans, PBMs, IDNs, and specialty pharmacies.

Virtual Engagement: The Next Trend for Payers and Market Access

From quarantine and stay-at-home orders to businesses being closed, daily life has pivoted considerably to being digital in nature. Precision’s Andy Cournoyer discusses the findings of a new AET survey on virtual engagement and understanding payer preferences for obtaining information and interacting with drug manufacturers in the current environment.

An Industry Trend Report Offers an Opportunity to Stay Connected With Payers

Precision’s Reta Mourad reviews this year’s Magellan trend report and sheds light on just how much has changed in the medical benefit over the last ten years. What can we expect as payers continue to search for new and innovative strategies to manage the significant growth in drug approvals, utilization, and spend?

COVID-19: How Are Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Systems Responding, and How Can Manufacturers Help?

With health systems and large integrated delivery networks shouldering the lion’s share of caring for the most critically ill patients in our healthcare system, it’s important to keep an eye on how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Precision’s Avi Mamidi discusses the opportunity for manufacturers to work with IDNs ad health systems to bridge the coverage gaps.