Leveraging Data and Analytics to Impact Access and Drug Costs

How are payers using the data and analytics becoming increasingly more available to them? Sejal Jonas explores how the effects of factors like deeper digging into trend drivers, developing financial models, and evaluating opportunities including partnerships being formed can leverage real-world data and evidence to optimize the decision-making process.

Virtual Engagement in Market Access Is No Longer a Trend; It’s an Absolute Necessity

The virtual engagement world has become an absolute necessity in healthcare to engage and interact with different stakeholders. Reta Mourad takes us into that world by examining the challenges and opportunities experienced in this new virtual health environment. 

Leveraging Technology Systems to Impact Access and Drug Costs

Hetty Lima describes some of the latest trends in the world of technology and artificial intelligence that will possibly impact drug access, including streamlining the formulary decision-making process, optimizing precision medicine, and even potentially expediting drug approvals.