Practices Payers Are Leveraging to Bend the Cost Curve

How do biosimilars support the sustainability of the healthcare system? Cynthia Miller and Reta Mourad demonstrate how biosimilars reduce costs of biological therapies through increased competition, while also maintaining the quality of care.

Payer Adoption of Pathways and Guidelines as Drug Use Management Tools

Explore the top reasons payers are adopting clinical pathways and guidelines in the oncology space. Jennifer Williams shares the tumor types being targeted, as well as future possibilities payers are exploring in non-oncology specialties to further leverage pathways and guidelines.

Accumulators and Maximizers as a Drug Use Management Tool

Stay up-to-date as Ryan Cox discusses how accumulators and maximizers are being used by PBMs and health plans in response to continued pressure between plan benefit design, the expansion of manufacturer copay programs, and the growth of drug spending.