What Healthcare Initiatives Will the Biden Administration Consider in 2021? A Regional Health Plan Perspective

With the COVID pandemic still firmly gripping the US, developing and implementing plans to address the crisis on “day one” is a top priority agenda item. But what else makes the list? Dan Danielson reviews the top 2 agenda items for the Biden Administration and the impact on regional health plans.

Policies and Regulations Impacting IDNs in 2021

Following a tumultuous 2020, IDNs, like many other healthcare systems, are going to be impacted by several elements including an unprecedented number of current and proposed policies. Elizabeth Oyekan discusses 4 policies and regulations that we may see in 2021.

What Does 2021 Look Like for PBMs?

While campaigning, President-elect Biden laid out many proposals with respect to healthcare, most of which have in common the effect of expanding the Federal government’s role in this space. Todd Edgar explores how this expanded role will affect managing healthcare, and the effect it will have on PBMs.

Will the Biden Administration Move the Needle Toward Improving Affordability? A National Health Plan Response

The inauguration of President-elect Biden will mark the end of a tumultuous 4-year run of the Trump Administration’s failed attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and find a solution to meaningfully lower drug costs for all. Andrew Cournoyer examines how national health plans may react to Biden’s goal of affordability.