Blurred Lines: Healthcare M&As Challenge Traditional Industry Definitions

Joe Honcz, Vice President, Payer Access Solutions, provides perspective on the recent healthcare-related merger and acquisition activity. Joe assesses the motivators for the mergers and where this trend is heading as the lines between insurance companies, benefit managers, and hospital systems become harder to define.

Solving the Conflicts in Quality-Based Care

Todd Edgar, Senior Vice President, Payer Access Solutions, outlines multistakeholder perspectives of quality-based care and how these can be in conflict. Todd discusses potential solutions to bring views into alignment, with the goal of improving quality-driven care within the system.

Payer Survey: New Findings on Formulary Decision-Making

Ami Gopalan and Andrew Cournoyer from our Payer Access Solutions team present key takeaways from their recent AMCP Nexus presentation on the variable use of external sources of data. The authors also share findings from Precision’s latest proprietary Rapid Pulse™ survey, highlighting new opportunities for both payers and manufacturers to pursue in the development and evaluation of evidence to support formulary decision-making.

2018 to Be A Pivotal Year for PBM Aggregator Programs

Jeremy Schafer, Senior Vice President and Director, Payer Access Solutions, examines the emergence of PBM aggregator programs, outlining the primary issues facing manufacturers and what resources are needed for proper communication to stakeholders.

Upping Your Game With Payers: Strategic Quality Conversations in a Value-Based Landscape

Were you able to catch our most recent webinar, “Upping Your Game With Payers: Strategic Quality Conversations in a Value-Based Landscape”? Don’t worry, you can still view this valuable presentation on-demand at your convenience. It’s free—just click through to get the details.

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