Potential Oncology Price Wars from Across the Ocean?

What are the implications of China becoming a hot spot for oncology drug development for the US? Explore this competitive landscape with Jennifer Williams as she reveals the potential for a price war and the possible effects.

The Evolution of Biomarkers and Germline Testing in Therapy Selection and Disease Management

How has the use of biomarkers and germline testing evolved in therapy selection and disease management? Erin Lopata explains this advancement, as well as opportunities leveraging modeling, digital technology, and artificial intelligence, in the identification of targetable mutations in oncology and beyond.

The Impact of the Build Back Better Act Price Negotiations on Commercial and Medicare Drug Access

Stay up to date on the implications of President Biden’s new Build Back Better Act (BBBA). Ryan Cox takes us through the act's provisions to address drug spending by the federal government and private payers, as well as the impact on Medicare Drug Access.

Can Real-world Evidence from Database Research Shape Therapy Choices?

Dive into the use of data analytics and real-world evidence in supporting therapy choices for patients with Dan Danielson as he highlights some of the emerging tools being used.