2021 PBM Commercial Formulary Exclusions Are Here to Stay Even With COVID-19

The trend in the approach to formulary management is to become more restrictive every year. This year is an exception, with some industry restrictions loosening in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the formulary development process for 2021 begins, Todd Edgar discusses whether the historical trend will continue or if there will be more efforts to loosen restrictions.

How COVID-19 May Shape the 2021 Commercial Formulary Strategy for a National Health Plan

While 2020 first quarter earnings fell short for many companies and industries, many national health insurers actually exceeded initial expectations. A common theme in each of these cases was that the PBM was cited as the driver of growth. Andrew Cournoyer discusses the viewpoint of a national health plan with an eye on maintaining positive adaptations in a COVID-19 world.

Regional Health Plans: COVID-19 and 2021 Commercial Formulary Decisions

As the country continues to battle COVID-19, regional health plans are beginning to shift focus from pandemic response to 2021 formulary planning. While they will continue to adapt, there will undoubtedly be lasting downstream impacts and challenges from COVID-19. Erin Lopata discusses the response expected for regional health plans.

How Will Commercial Payers’ Management of 2021 Formularies Impact IDNs and Health Systems?

Throughout the healthcare landscape, there is continued adaptation in practice management in response to COVID-19. Commercial payers are changing the way they manage their 2021 formularies, but what about the ripple effects? Precision’s Avi Mamidi discusses how these changes will impact integrated delivery networks and health systems.