PBM Formulary Predictions: A Look Ahead

Rebate sharing, exclusion lists, and application of QALY measures are all approaches that PBMs are likely to ramp up in 2020, predicts Todd Edgar. Todd examines the impact of new formulary guidelines and makes some predictions on other trends likely in the coming year.

2020 Exclusion Formulary Updates—What’s Next for Regional Plans?

Dan Danielson examines the incentives for regional plans offering exclusion formularies, and how the next iteration of exclusions is designed to keep plans competitive and relevant in an environment rich with acquisitions and mergers.

2020 IDN Commercial Formulary Focus and Trends

What are the key considerations and emerging trends for IDNs as they work with their plans on 2020 formulary decision-making and selections? Elizabeth Oyekan breaks this down and focuses on the pressure points.

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