Precision’s latest Digital and Data Trends report, scheduled for release in May, contains a wealth of information for manufacturers looking to engage with their payer customers across the digital spectrum. Featured are key insights into the latest trends driving mobile apps and technologies, social media usage, and big data utilization.

In this edition of All Access, we’d like to provide a “sneak preview” of the upcoming report, highlighting just a handful of the interesting payer trends uncovered throughout the report.

Trend: Interest in mobile apps from pharma fell to an all-time low.

Key Finding: Payers are more interested in receiving a mobile app from content specialists and professional organizations; less than a tenth express high interest in an app from pharma.

Last year, manufacturers succeeded in placing more mobile apps on payers’ phones and tablets than in 2014. Despite the increased reach, payers’ demand for these offerings remains lackluster.

Trend: For manufacturer apps, payers prefer manufacturers to collaborate with professional societies, and would most like to see a cost comparison app.

Key Finding: Pharma should consider collaborating with third-party organizations to boost payer uptake of mobile apps.

Building an app that resonates with managed care customers is a perennial challenge for manufacturers. Payer interest in manufacturer apps is lower than ever before, and despite higher adoption overall, few manufacturers have distinguished themselves through their mobile products. But under the right circumstances, payers may be willing to accept mobile apps from pharma.

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