September 28, 2017

Summer 2019: Policy Changes Hold Potential to Reshape Healthcare Landscape

I’m Charline Shan, Vice President, Access Experience Team, editor of All Access, I hope to bring you noteworthy and groundbreaking news to Precision for Value’s bimonthly newsletter by sharing the latest payer insights brought to you by our team of ex-payers.

As we head into the lazy days of summer, the Administration is feverishly passing guidance to drive the agenda of President Trump’s American Patient First Blueprint. The policies aim to drive patient affordability and reduce federal spending, and directly impact manufacturers and payers in varying degrees. But with pushback from various industry stakeholders and a court ruling, some of the policies are dead in the water or on hold. Todd Edgar assesses the impact of the White House reverting their push to sunset rebates in government-sponsored programs; Kellie Rademacher examines CMS’s guidance on copay accumulators in health care exchanges; Erin Lopata, the newest member of AET, reviews the FDA guidance on biosimilar interchangeability; and Jeremy Schafer shares with us the effect on the court ruling that blocks drug prices in DTC advertisements.

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Charline Shan, RPh, MPH
Vice President, Access
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Drug Pricing Transparency: Planning for the Future

The HHS final rule requiring inclusion of price into all televised DTC for pharmaceuticals reimbursable under Medicare/Medicaid that have a cost greater than $35 per month was to begin this July, but manufacturers may have won a reprieve with an initial court ruling that HHS overstepped its bounds. Jeremy Schafer takes a look at the implications of this ruling, the proposed new policy, and how manufacturers can mitigate some of the risks.