September 28, 2017

Welcome to All Access, Our Newsletter for Market Access Leaders

On behalf of Precision for Value, I’d like to welcome you to the premier edition of  All Access, an exclusive publication featuring key insights from our team of former payers intended specifically for market access leaders.

In this issue, we’ll share some bylines and commentaries from our experts addressing critical issues facing payer marketers. If you’re interested in maximizing pull-through for your brand, addressing MACRA, or navigating new opportunities for communication via PIE guidance, you may find All Access required reading. And that’s only a few of the topics we’ll cover here.

An expert from our Payer Strategy Team will curate every issue of All Access—and for the first few issues, I’m excited to be in that role. You’ll find All Access to be full of actionable insights, and I encourage you to contact me to discuss any of the topics presented here in greater detail.

Ami Gopalan, PharmD, MBA
Vice President,
Formulary Access Solutions

All Access is a bimonthly newsletter that  features key insights from our team of former payers, intended specifically for market access leaders. It is published by Precision for Value.

Guest Editor
Ami Gopalan

Executive Editor
Louis Landon

Dominic Galante
Lee Goldberg
Maureen Hennessey
Hetty Lima
Kellie Rademacher

Understanding Payer Perspectives on Orphan Drugs

Kellie Rademacher and Hetty Lima from the Payer Access Solutions team provide guidance into evaluation and valuation in the orphan drug space, currently one of the most active areas of drug development. With the FDA working to streamline the approval process for innovative orphan drugs, there is much promise on the horizon for providing breakthrough treatments, but also unique challenges with payers with regard to pricing and value.

MACRA Is Reshaping How Quality Is Rewarded

Maureen Hennessey from our Quality and Population Health Solutions team provides an overview of MACRA, Medicare’s evolution toward value-based clinical reimbursement. Maureen breaks down the separate tracks of participation for providers and highlights some guidelines for demonstrating value that manufacturers will need to demonstrate.

Measuring What Matters: Paying Attention to Patient Perspective in Drug Development

Pharmaceutical companies face many challenges: developing life-changing products that meet the needs of patients, physicians, and payers; adhering to regulatory standards; and managing health technology and payer scrutiny—all while trying to satisfy investors. Dominic Galante, chief medical officer with our Quality and Population Health Solutions team, makes the case that the patient perspective on value has never been more important.

Webinar: Precision Promotional Effectiveness: Pull-Through Breakthrough. Here’s How You Can Achieve Double-Digit Gains in 3 Months

Recently, in conjunction with MM&M magazine, Precision Promotional Effectiveness hosted a special live webinar, Pull-through Breakthrough: How your peers are driving double-digit gains now and in ’18. Led by Promotional Effectiveness’ Bruce Leavitt, executive vice president and managing partner, and Ashwin Athri, senior vice president, the webinar is now available on-demand. Read on to learn some key insights from the webinar and get the link to view it at your convenience.