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Oncology Biosimilars

Biosimilars for oncology products and supportive agents have been on the market longer than any other class of biosimilars, with the first being a filgrastim biosimilar approved in 2015. There are now multiple biosimilars for filgrastim, pegfilgrastim, bevacizumab, trastuzumab, and rituximab. Payers have reported a significant decrease in cost per claim of oncology products that have biosimilars since 2019 with decreases in cost per claim between 33% and 39%. While oncology biosimilar uptake was initially slow, biosimilars for bevacizumab, trastuzumab, and rituximab now make up more than 73% of the market share through 2022.

Biosimilar Pricing Strategies

Molly discusses the complexity of pricing, contracting, and market share around the new adalimumab biosimilars, and the strategies payers will use to maximize the cost savings on the pharmacy benefit. She provides several suggestions for pharmaceutical companies that are entering the biosimilar space.