Drug Pricing Reforms: Perspectives on Federal and State Efforts

Ryan dives into the drug pricing reforms at both the federal and the state level. He reviews the potential unintended consequences of the IRA on innovation. He also delves into legislation at the state level that is being developed to manage drug spend, including Prescription Drug Affordability Boards and drug importation.

Copay Smoothing for Medicare Enrollees: Potential Impacts for Plans and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Dan discusses the copay smoothing provision of the IRA and the potential impact on Medicare drug plans. In addition, he proposes several ways that pharmaceutical companies can educate consumers and providers on copay smoothing to improve drug uptake and adherence.

The IRA: Evolving Toward Pharmacoequity

Maureen introduces the concept of pharmacoequity and the IRA’s potential positive and negative impacts on it. She provides solutions for payers and pharmaceutical companies to improve health equity and promote pharmacoequity.

Two Unintended Consequences of the IRA We Aren’t Talking Enough About

Andrew discusses two unintended consequences of the resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). In this article, Andrew highlights the IRA’s small manufacturer exemption that aims to provide financial protections, yet could actually imposes access obstacles. Additionally, he details how the Medicare Part D redesign has negatively impacted plan offerings and its resulting effect on beneficiary choice.