September 28, 2017

2019: Key Takeaways for Market Access Leaders

As the year comes to a close, 2019 may be just as notable for changes that didn’t happen as much as for those that did.

For much of 2019, the federal government focused on high drug prices and transparency, with legislation introduced that impacted manufacturers and payers. While there was a lot of movement in the beginning of 2019, the end of the year saw few noteworthy policies pass into law. This issue, we asked our advisors to reflect on the market events in 2019 by type of payer. Todd Edgar assesses what didn’t happen; Dan Danielson examines the impact of potential regulations on regional health plans; Andy Cournoyer reviews key national health plan events; and Ryan Cox and Erin Lopata team up to bring us noteworthy health system and IDN trends.

All Access is produced specifically to help you navigate the payer landscape. Thanks for the topic suggestions for our team of ex-payers, please enjoy this edition and may your holiday season be filled with joy!

Warm Regards,

Charline Shan, RPh, MPH
Vice President, Access Experience Team

All Access is a bimonthly newsletter that features key insights from our team of former payers, intended specifically for market access leaders. It is published by Precision for Value.

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