Less Drug Inflation—More Payer Innovation

Manufacturer drug pricing has been and will continue to be a key focal point on political agendas. But as proposed legislation is blocked or stymied, will there be any room for advancement? Andy Cournoyer discusses potential roadblocks, opportunities for innovation, and what they mean for payers in 2020.

2020: What’s the Next Move by Regional Health Plans?

The current healthcare market is dominated by partnerships, mergers, and healthcare giants. Dan Danielson explores 2 examples of how smaller, regional health plans can stay in the mix and competitive with the big kids on the block.

Medicare Advantage Plans: 2020 Focus on Social Determinants of Health

Elizabeth Oyekan examines the increasingly influential role health plans play in the Medicare program, and their shift to focus on social determinants of health. What will new policy and structural changes mean to the plan benefits and offerings in the ever-changing healthcare landscape?

PBMs in 2020: What Is Changing and What Stays the Same

From the potential withdrawal of the rebate safe harbor, to the myriad state laws targeting various PBM practices, 2019 was a year of tumult for drug manufacturers and PBMs. Jeremy Schafer takes a look at how 2020 will stack up in comparison.