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The GPO Spectra: Why ASCENT and ZINC Are the Defining PBM Story of 2020

Flying under the radar amid the chaos and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, a rather large change in the PBM market is occurring: the rise of rebate GPOs. Jeremy Schafer unpacks these changes and dives into the development of ASCENT and ZINC, and what they mean for manufacturers and contracting changes moving forward.

How COVID-19 Is Changing Business for Market Access Organizations Insights from PRECISIONvalue Market Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone in the United States. Doctors, patients, and everyone in between is feeling the effect in some capacity, but what about the healthcare marketplace? Precision’s Jeremy Schafer explores the interesting and troubling results of Precision’s recent research conducted with a cross-section of stakeholders, including health plans, PBMs, IDNs, and specialty pharmacies.

PBMs in 2020: What Is Changing and What Stays the Same

From the potential withdrawal of the rebate safe harbor, to the myriad state laws targeting various PBM practices, 2019 was a year of tumult for drug manufacturers and PBMs. Jeremy Schafer takes a look at how 2020 will stack up in comparison.

Drug Pricing Transparency: Planning for the Future

The HHS final rule requiring inclusion of price into all televised DTC for pharmaceuticals reimbursable under Medicare/Medicaid that have a cost greater than $35 per month was to begin this July, but manufacturers may have won a reprieve with an initial court ruling that HHS overstepped its bounds. Jeremy Schafer takes a look at the implications of this ruling, the proposed new policy, and how manufacturers can mitigate some of the risks.

Insights From PCMA: Finding Value in a Rebate-Free World

AET’s Jeremy Schafer provides an overview and essential takeaways from the recent Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) meeting, where the focus was on evolving from volume to value.

The Next Big Budget Breaker on Payers’ Minds

Nearly 300 cell and gene therapies are currently in development. Though not all will make it through to approval, the gene/cell therapy revolution appears to be growing unabated. What big problems might this create for payers and our current healthcare system?

Why Express Scripts’ Exclusion List for 2019 Is the Biggest Update Ever

Express Scripts just released its 2019 Formulary Exclusion list, marking a dramatic expansion in categories--including new disease areas thought too sensitive or rare to be managed by something as blunt as an exclusion list. In short, Express Scripts' new exclusion update is one of the most aggressive in years. Jeremy Schafer, SVP, Director, Payer Access Solutions, analyzes what the announcement means to payers.

Survey Results: The Gene Therapy Revolution, Are Payers Ready?

Gene therapy has moved from the realm of science fiction to reality and is now likely to play a major role in how we will treat numerous diseases. Jeremy Schafer, SVP, Director, Payer Access Solutions, examines the promise of gene therapy and shares the results of a recent Precision for Value Rapid Pulse™ survey of payers and IDN decision makers on current and future challenges of gene therapy.

2018 to Be A Pivotal Year for PBM Aggregator Programs

Jeremy Schafer, Senior Vice President and Director, Payer Access Solutions, examines the emergence of PBM aggregator programs, outlining the primary issues facing manufacturers and what resources are needed for proper communication to stakeholders.