The GPO Spectra: Why ASCENT and ZINC Are the Defining PBM Story of 2020

Flying under the radar amid the chaos and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, a rather large change in the PBM market is occurring: the rise of rebate GPOs. Jeremy Schafer unpacks these changes and dives into the development of ASCENT and ZINC, and what they mean for manufacturers and contracting changes moving forward.

What Can Health Systems Learn From 2020?

Almost to the level of saturation, there have been a remarkably high number of articles and publications examining the impact of COVID-19 on the US healthcare system. Precision’s Ryan Cox takes a look at some of the less-mentioned trends hinting at changes coming to health systems in the near future.

The Role of Specialty Pharmacy In 2020

How will the proliferation of specialty pharmacy products available in the marketplace be managed by payers? Precision’s Erin Lopata examines the larger role of specialty pharmacies in managing care and costs as payers work to find solutions to high pharmacy and medical spend in their specialty populations.

Post-Pandemic Impact on Regional Medicare Plans and Key Insights

What are the key takeaways and approaches to delivering unique membership experiences and building loyalty to regional Medicare plans? Precision’s Dominic Galante examines how these plans will keep members engaged and enrolled, one of their top priorities, among the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.