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Price Controls and Competition

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which was signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022, represents one of the most significant pieces of healthcare legislation passed since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The law introduces a number of sweeping changes with impact to Medicare Part D benefit design and price control mechanisms for drugs on the Medicare benefit. While these legislative changes will have ramifications across the healthcare ecosystem, they are likely to have a significant impact on manufacturers. 

The Emerging Role of Community Pharmacists Along the Drug Use Continuum in Oncology

What role do community pharmacists have along the drug use continuum in oncology? Erin Lopata explores their involvement in addressing social determinants of health issues and supporting patients with adverse events.

The Evolution of Biomarkers and Germline Testing in Therapy Selection and Disease Management

How has the use of biomarkers and germline testing evolved in therapy selection and disease management? Erin Lopata explains this advancement, as well as opportunities leveraging modeling, digital technology, and artificial intelligence, in the identification of targetable mutations in oncology and beyond.

Care Delivery Trends Supporting Value-Based Care

How can stakeholders across the healthcare system look to value-based care models to improve healthcare outcomes and quality while decreasing overall costs? Erin Lopata highlights 5 significant trends that manufacturers can partner with payers and health systems on in their quest for value-based care.

Specialty pharmacy’s role in gene and cell therapies

What role do specialty pharmacies have in cell and gene therapies for payers, providers, manufacturers, and patients? Erin Lopata highlights the SP’s roles in partnership coordination between payers and manufacturers, the leveraging of data to support arrangements, and the focus on patient-care coordination and financial support to improve patient outcomes.

The Role of Specialty Pharmacy In 2020

How will the proliferation of specialty pharmacy products available in the marketplace be managed by payers? Precision’s Erin Lopata examines the larger role of specialty pharmacies in managing care and costs as payers work to find solutions to high pharmacy and medical spend in their specialty populations.

Regional Health Plans: COVID-19 and 2021 Commercial Formulary Decisions

As the country continues to battle COVID-19, regional health plans are beginning to shift focus from pandemic response to 2021 formulary planning. While they will continue to adapt, there will undoubtedly be lasting downstream impacts and challenges from COVID-19. Erin Lopata discusses the response expected for regional health plans.

The Latest on Biosimilar Interchangeability

In May 2019, the FDA released guidance to clarify the level of evidence required from manufacturers to support interchangeability between a biosimilar and the reference product. Erin Lopata explains how this may impact stakeholders, and how price and utilization could be influenced by increased competition in the biologics market.