Quality Payment Program (QPP) – Emerging Trends With CMS Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

Dive into the world of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) as Dominic Galante reintroduces us to the purpose behind the shift from volume to value, the laws that have catalyzed this shift, and the resultant APMs.

2022 QPP Proposed Quality Measures and Improvement Activities: New Opportunities for Value-Based Alliances and Collaborations

Stay up to date on the changes to the 2022 QPP proposed quality measures and improvement activities with an overview from Maureen Hennessey, as well as suggested landscape analysis and customer partnership opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers in the quality and clinical improvement areas.

Care Delivery Trends Supporting Value-Based Care

How can stakeholders across the healthcare system look to value-based care models to improve healthcare outcomes and quality while decreasing overall costs? Erin Lopata highlights 5 significant trends that manufacturers can partner with payers and health systems on in their quest for value-based care.

The Role of Employers in Quality of Care

What are employers various roles in promoting and improving the quality of care? Jorge Font explores how life science organizations can engage and support employers to raise their understanding of the value of certain therapeutic approaches aligned with the employers’ quest to improve quality and care for consumers.