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340B Policy Changes and the Ongoing Challenges in 2021

With the new changes in the latest CMS 340B rules and policies regarding patient access to discounted drugs, there will certainly be challenges between pharma and contracted pharmacies. Precision’s Dominic Galante discusses the potential positions that will be taken by plaintiffs, and the associated 340B Program litigation.

Post-Pandemic Impact on Regional Medicare Plans and Key Insights

What are the key takeaways and approaches to delivering unique membership experiences and building loyalty to regional Medicare plans? Precision’s Dominic Galante examines how these plans will keep members engaged and enrolled, one of their top priorities, among the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Payer and Health System Consolidation: An Upward Trend

As consolidation increases, so too does payer and organized provider buying power. More than ever, biopharmaceutical manufacturers must demonstrate the economic and clinical value of their products. Take a closer look at some of the recent consolidations and how they might impact drug access, coverage, and reimbursement.

Measuring What Matters: Paying Attention to Patient Perspective in Drug Development

Pharmaceutical companies face many challenges: developing life-changing products that meet the needs of patients, physicians, and payers; adhering to regulatory standards; and managing health technology and payer scrutiny—all while trying to satisfy investors. Dominic Galante, chief medical officer with our Quality and Population Health Solutions team, makes the case that the patient perspective on value has never been more important.