Removal of Pharmaceutical Rebate Safe Harbor: Rough Waters Ahead?

The current administration is considering removing the safe harbor protection used to prevent drug rebates from being considered a kickback. While the details are still developing, such a move would likely have significant impacts on PBMs, manufacturers, and patients. Todd Edgar explores the possible ramifications.

Attacking Drug Prices and Targeting Medicare

Recent legislative actions by CMS have taken aim at the current Medicare structure, with negotiating leverage at the center of the initiatives. Arguably the primary target of these actions is the drug manufacturer. Andrew Cournoyer addresses the need for allied partnerships between payers and manufacturers as a way to navigate the increasingly complex landscape.

Pathway to Success: Proposed CMS Changes to the MSSP ACO Program and Their Implications

After 6 years, CMS is proposing changes to the MSSP, with ACOs set to take on additional risk in an effort to reduce the cost of care to the delivery system and Medicare beneficiaries. Precision’s Elizabeth Oyekan examines the proposed Pathway to Success rule and its central tenet, the adoption of 2-sided risk models.

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